Save Over £1,000 On Your Water Bill With A Nebia Showerhead

There are many different ‘water-saving’ showers out there, but none quite like the Nebia models. Innovative technology that is used in our shower designs not only guarantee that you’ll save money on water but you’ll be helping to save the planet too by lowering your environmental impact. We think that’s a win-win, wouldn’t you agree?

How A Nebia Shower Will Save You Money

Moving on of course, we need to explain how the shower functions in order to save water. Our showers are designed innovatively using H₂Micro™ technology to atomise water into microdroplets. This means that while less water is used than a traditional shower, you will still experience total satisfaction of an immersive shower.

While microdroplets are small in size, they deliver a lot of power. So, while the shower uses less water, you won’t notice the difference at all. Nebia shower technology uses between 45–65% less water than a standard shower. You’ll be using less water and paying for less water too.

Nebia showers use 45–65% less water than a typical shower. Save big on water consumption and water costs for an economically and eco-friendly lifestyle.

A Spa Shower Experience At Home

Imagine stepping into your very own spa every day. The Nebia shower can be just that if you install one in your home. Combining the sensation of a powerful shower and a steam room, the Nebia experience is certainly it in many ways.

Not only does Nebia help you cut down on water bills, it brings a sanctuary to your own space. After a long day at work you’ll be thankful you have a relaxing shower to truly enjoy.

Pamper your soul and step into the indulgent warmth of the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0. You know you want to.