What is Kakvi? How does it compare to Jaggery and Honey?

Sugar, in and of itself, isn’t bad.

Sugar, made in a factory, refined until it loses all nutrition, and then hidden (using various fake names) at the back of the pack — is bad. Because that sugar leaves you craving for more, and you can’t even make a conscious choice since you don’t know it’s in there.

So, when it came to using a sugar in our Muesli range, we went to great lengths to find something that we could proudly use, and proudly declare upfront.

That something is Kakvi. The most-nutritious, and least processed form of sugarcane we could find. And here is the lowdown on what it is.

Note: No matter how nutritious it is, it’s still a sugar. So if you’re diabetic or completely off sugar, pls consult a doctor/nutritionist before trying this.

What is Kakvi?

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Jeffery Atkinson

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